All LTP submissions about the airport (pro and con)


We have gone through the trouble of looking at all 1049 formal LTP submissions. By searching for the term ‘airport’, we have identified over 100 submitters that specifically mentioned the runway extension proposal and have summarised their views in this document. It is very interesting to note that 87 submitters (>81%) were strongly opposed, with only 20 being for the runway extension. More interesting is that the opposition was largely made up of long, strong arguments against it (49 pages) whereas the proponents only used 9 pages to describe their reasoning, of which 7 were from the WIAL (airport) submission. Almost all others had significant caveats (highlighted in red), including the Chamber of Commerce, Property Council, Port Nicholson Trust, Ernst & Young, Deloittes and Kensington Swan. All progressive associations that submitted on this topic were against it. It is quite obvious that the Council did not make a similar analysis when reporting on the supposed support of their big 8 projects in the LTP!

LTP Submissions Summary