About us

Who we are

Guardians of the Bays Inc is made up of concerned Wellingtonians who come from different professions, cultures and backgrounds and live either close or further away from the Wellington airport. We are working together to reduce Wellington Airport’s existing and proposed adverse environmental effects. We consider the expansion and extension of Wellington Airport as promoted in the 2040 Vision – Wellington Airport are not required.

We are advocating Wellington Airport stops its proposed runway extension and golf course expansion plans now and starts working on long term sustainable passenger and freight options.

We recognise the significance of the airport in relationship to the economy in Wellington City. We Guardians of the Bays also know the serious negative effects of the airport on the environment, surrounding neighbourhoods and climate change emissions.

What we are working on now

At present Guardians of the Bays is opposing the Airport expansion into the Miramar golf course. We are working with the community to stop this expansion as it will:

  • generate more carbon emission ultimately reducing the ability of Wellington City to become carbon neutral by 2050
  • destroy the green space buffer of the Mirmar Golf Course
  • bring plane parking right next to Strathmore Park residents.  

We have been a history of success in similar fights with Wellington Airport.

We are continually working to get commitments for Wellington City Council to stop funding Wellington Airport’s proposed development projects as these need to be self funded. In addition we are submitting on central government legislation to put limits on air travel carbon emissions and improve community involvement in planning legislation.

Join us and support us in our opposition to this airport expansion. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.