We've got some wins on the board

2021 - 2022 The airport expansion

In 2021 Wellington Airport applied to extend its operations on its main site and develop a new site to the East.
The plan had aircraft parking really close to residents in the low decile area of Strathmore Park.
The plan was to double the number of passengers from 6 to 12 million a year despite the fact that we are in a climate emergency.
The Guardians appealed this in the Environment Court.
Settlement was reached with the airport in June 2022. You can read about it here.

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2020 - 2021 Recreational flights

Recreational flights circle the eastern peninsula at low altitude.
We dont think this is appropriate in a climate emergency.
Its also really noisy which impacts the wellbeing of the community.
The Guardians have been campaigning to get the flight paths changed.
This happened in Dec 2021.

2016 - 2019 The runway extension

In 2016 Wellington Airport applied to extend its runway by 355m into Lyall Bay.
This would have stuffed up the marine environment.
The Guardians were formed to stop this.
We supported the Pilots Association of New Zealand and got it stopped in 2019.
We thought that was job done but the extension is back in the Airports expansion plans.