Guardians of the Bays

Guardians of the Bays is an incorporated society set up by Wellington residents with the objective of reducing the adverse environmental effects that arise from Wellington International Airport Ltd (Wellington Airport) and its related activities. The adverse environmental effects of Wellington Airport include coastal reclamation, emissions (including carbon emissions), noise, stormwater, reduction of visual and landscape amenity and neighbourhood disruption.

We are advocating Wellington Airport stops its proposed expansion plans to the East.

We know the increased runway footprint with the increased aircraft and land transport movements  of the proposed airport expansions and extensions will create significant negative effects to the environment and to the surrounding airport residential neighbourhoods

We are also extremely concerned that the proposed Wellington Airports expansion and extension plans will generate significant financial risks to the Wellington ratepayer who are expected to finance these proposals in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and Climate Change Emergency.

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A change in the recreational aircraft flightpath: a win for the community

Guardians of the Bays are pleased to report that a change has finally been enacted to reduce the recreational air traffic noise that residents living in Miramar North are exposed to. When the weather is good, planes from the Wellington Aero Club have been circling the Miramar Peninsula along what is known as the “circuit”. In…

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