We are a non-profit group of local volunteers trying to stop Wellington Airport doubling passenger numbers.

We aren’t anti-airport, we just think it should put the climate and community before shareholder profits

Greenhouse Gases

The airport contributes about 10% of Wellingtons gross GHG emissions. Doubling passenger numbers will massively increase the airports emissions.

Climate Emergency

Wellington City Council has declared a climate emergency and plans to be net zero by 2050. This will not be possible with an airport expansion

Taking Responsibility

The airport doesn’t include the airplanes in its carbon footprint. It also ignores the massive amount of embodied carbon required to expand.

Community Wishes

82% of Wellingtonians want climate action now and think 2050 is too late. 92% want to respond to the climate emergency no matter what.

Conflict of Interest

Wellington City Council owns 34% of the airport. The Mayor is on the board where he has to act in the best interest of the airport and not Wellingtonians

Community Impact

The airport has no room to expand, it’s in a city! Its solution is to have its planes right next to low decile communities. That’ll be noisy af.

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