Moa Point Road closed again by big waves



Moa Point road flooding at the weekend. Twitter photo from Lyall Bay/Blaize Larsen-Beecroft

Wellington Airport warned this morning that the Moa Point road was closed again because of big swells. It had been reopened for less than 24 hours after similar problems over the weekend.

Wellington.Scoop – June 15
Wellington Airport advised that the Moa Point road was still closed this morning because of large swells. The city council issued a similar warning, saying clean-up efforts as well as big waves were responsible for the continuing closure, which left only one route to the airport.

The road was reopened at 4pm today after being closed since 2pm on Sunday.

The NZ Herald this morning reports on the huge waves which hit Wellington’s south coast yesterday.

It says part of the road at Owhiro Bay was closed by the waves. And it reports that big swells are also expected today.

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