Moa Point Sludge Minimisation Facility


Guardians of the Bays (GOTB) has made a neutral submission on the Notices of Requirement for the proposed Moa Point Sludge Minimisation Facility.

A number of aspects of the application need to be improved with changes to the conditions of consent.

GOTB members and supporters will have mixed views on the SMF proposal. While some will support the reduction of carbon emissions others will be appalled at the immense industrial scale of the SMF proposal in the coastal environment.

Guardians of the Bays neutral submission used the lessons learnt from the recent WIAL mediation on the Main Site Area and East Side Area focusing on the conditions of consent to make them appropriate for the scale of the building, in keeping with Wellington Airports designation conditions with a focus on enforceability.

The submission considered the matters of :

  • Building design and landscape of the SMF
  • Construction noise
  • Access to Stewart Duff Drive (the WIAL private road) that acts as a through road between the coast and the Miramar community.
  • Transport planning of construction and ongoing management of the SMF
  • A community liaison group for the construction of the SMF

The hearing for the Notice of requirement is to be held on Monday 5 December 2022 at Wellington City Council, 113 The Terrace at 9am.

Notice of Requirement documents, submissions, council evidence and applicants evidence can be found on WCC website for Public Notification 127 and 141 Steward Duff Drive

In future there will need to be Regional consents from Greater Wellington Regional Council.