Wellington Airport Seawall Renewal
Aerial photo of Wellington Airport showing seawall


Wellington Airport’s is consulting the community on the renewal of the southern and Lyall Bay seawalls and breakwater.

The airport has been talking about this for ages. We are now able to tell them we don’t want an airport extension, the seawall renewal needs to keep within the boundaries they already have and climate adaptation includes airport retreat.

There are two community consultation sessions:

  • 6-7pm Wednesday 20th September Spruce Goose Café (upstairs)
  • 6-7pm Wednesday 27th September Miramar Golf Club (in the upstairs cafe) – free car parking is available

RSVP to Wellington Airport via wellingtonairport@wellingtonairport.co.nz .

Read about the different options that are being considered:


If you can’t come to the meeting please fill out the WIAL survey monkey questionnaire.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NXJ9H3L

For more information: https://www.wellingtonairport.co.nz/news/airport-projects/renewing-our-sea-defences/