Guardians support councillors’ move to oppose airport expansion
airplane among green trees of forest


Guardians of the Bays are supportive of the initiative by five City Councillors for the council to publicly oppose the expansion of Wellington Airport.

City Councillors will vote on Thursday on whether to issue this statement. If passed, it will send a clear message to the Airport that Wellington, through the voices of its City Council, is willing to put climate and community before shareholder dividends.

Whilst this would be a landmark statement, the Airport could choose to ignore it, and continue with its plans. However, the Airport cannot ignore the Environment Court, which is where the Guardians of the Bays are attempting to stop the airport expansion.

Guardians of the Bays is a non-profit group of local volunteers fighting to stop the Airport’s billion-dollar expansion in a climate emergency. The Airport’s plan to double passenger numbers will make Wellington’s First-to-Zero plan (carbon neutral by 2050) extremely difficult to achieve.

The Environment Court case is scheduled to start in November.

If you support this action, please consider donating towards the Guardians legal costs: