Reduce air traffic

Light recreational aircraft are flying over residential areas for extended period of times, on a regular basis, becoming a significant noise nuisance to residents.

The circuit is a “track” that circles around the Miramar Peninsula and used for training purposes. While flying the circuit, slow recreational aircraft cruise at low altitude, creating a constant noise background for local residents.

At a time where climate change and wellbeing are central to how we organise our cities, this unnecessary traffic seems out of place. The happiness of local communities should come back on the forefront and this unnecessary traffic banned from highly residential area.

We want to create a better, more peaceful soundscape for local suburbs, with greater wellbeing freed from unnecessary engine aircraft noise.

On nice days, recreational planes are out! They fly “the circuit” around the peninsula. They fly low, and slow, repeatedly, creating a constant background noise for local residents.

We are asking:

  1. For the flight path of the circuit to be modified to prevent recreational aircraft to fly above residential areas;
  2. For a curfew one day of the weekend for this type of traffic;
  3. For the District Plan to prepare a complete phase out of this type of air traffic.