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Guardians of the Bays’ strategic goal is to create a land, air and noise pollution framework, enforced by law, within which Wellington Airport will need to operate. This framework is necessary because, unlike any other city in New Zealand, Wellington’s airport is located right in the middle of the city, making this framework acutely local.

This form is meant to assess the support we are getting from the community. It is even more relevant this year as the airport has been pushing to get ratepayer’s funding for the runway extension, and to expand Eastwards, over the golf course. The data collected is anonymous and is only used to demonstrate support for our mission.

We have and will continue to actively push back these profit-driven developments, to safeguard our livelihood in the Eastern suburbs and mitigate climate change. Thank you for participating in this survey!

Growing in a climate emergency

Sprawling through the Eastern suburbs

A greater health hazard

The City Council must do what’s right for the community


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