Wellington Airport – Urban Design Principles Update
Cover photo from "WIAL Urban Design Guiding Principles" report


On 2 November 2022 GOTB Chairperson Yvonne Weeber attended a Wellington Airport workshop on the Urban Design Principles for the Terminal Precinct, the Landscape and Visual Management Plan for the East Side Area (currently in preparation), and the Broadway Precinct Integrated Design Management Plan (to be prepared in the future).

Wellington Airport is wanting feedback on the latest version of the Urban Design Principles for the Terminal Precinct. If you have any comments, advice or suggestions on these principles can you please contact Yvonne Weeber at Guardian of the Bays guardiansofthebays@gmail.com by Monday 25 September 2023.

Jo Lester Planning Manager at Wellington Airport says:

In terms of how these Urban Design Principles will work in practice, the Airport needs to ensure that any future development within the Terminal Precinct is guided by the Principles and Vision. 

If a development within the Terminal Precinct requires an Outline Plan of works to be lodged with Council (i.e. if a building within this area exceeds 1500 m2 in gross floor area, or is closer than 20 metres to an external boundary), it needs to include a Landscape and Urban Design Statement to demonstrate how it is consistent with the Principles and Vision of the Urban Design Principles in accordance with Condition 16 of the Airport’s Main Site Area Designation (conditions can be found here).