How you can help:

We need your help to fight the runway extension

A big thank you to all who have sent donations ranging from $25 to $10,000. We are extremely encouraged and humbled by your generosity.

So far your support and donations have allowed us to establish an effective grass-roots membership of more than 500 Wellingtonians, become an umbrella group for all major organisations and groups opposing the extension and the ‘go-to’ voice for the media in critiquing the airport extension plans. We have now engaged excellent legal counsel and expert witnesses, joining other groups opposing the extension and have submitted a proposal to ask for funding from the Ministry for the Environment.

The battle against Wellington Airport’s resource consent application can only be fought in the Environment Court. For that we need lawyers and expert witnesses – the costs are estimated to be as much as $400,000 all up! We can’t do this without your financial help.

To make an impact in the Environment Court we need to raise a lot of money to pay for legal advice and expert witnesses.

We have raised over $23,000 already and we are hoping to get up to $150,000 from the Ministry for the Environment’s Environmental Legal Assistance Fund for assistance. But we desperately need your support to make sure we can pull together the best team of experts to help us fight the Airport and their proposal. It will be a long fight, by the looks of it.

What your donation will help us buy:

  • Senior Barrister, court representation ($450ph)
  • Solicitor, research ($220ph)
  • Expert witnesses (ranging from $120 to $300ph)

Wellington Airport has had $3m from Wellington City Council to help develop their case to extend the airport runway and have had their experts produce some 30 technical reports. The Council has turned us down to receive any funding to help scrutinise these reports. Without us having the credibility or weight needed to make an impact in the Environment Court, Wellington Airport will dominate the hearing with their over-inflated numbers and promises.

The tide of public sentiment is turning as it becomes clear that this pipe-dream really is a big white elephant. There are so many better things the City Council can do with your money.

Please support the Guardians of the Bays as we continue to fight the runway extension. We have a few options that may suit you:

  • Donate a one-off amount now
  • Set up a regular payment to Guardians of the Bays (e.g. monthly)

Payment options:

  • Electronically to Guardians of the Bays, Kiwibank, 38 9017 0217717 00 (please send email advice to )
  • By cheque, posted to R Randerson, GotB, 13 Matai Rd, Hataitai, Wellington 6021

Thank you for your continuing support.