Who are we?

Guardians of the Bays is a broad-based residents’ group opposed to the proposal to extend the runway at Wellington International Airport (WIAL).

An Environment Court hearing on this proposal is due to be heard in mid-2017, and we are preparing to vigorously oppose the project at this hearing:

  • We do not believe that the extension will achieve the level of benefits needed to warrant the extensive investment required, especially not if it is largely asked to be paid by the public, who are also carrying all the risks (including that no wide-bodied planes may ever come).
  • We do not believe in corporate welfare for a multi-national billion-dollar company, who themselves say that the extension is not economic.
  • We do believe that the social, cultural and environmental costs the extension would impose on Wellington residents and the South Coast and its users are too high.

We have a lot of experts in our midst, this is not a NIMBY group but a group of concerned residents who include lawyers, economists, business owners, politicians, policymakers, landscape architects, recreational clubs, marine ecologists, health professionals, pilots, aviation experts, architects and more. We will fight this all the way.

Please help us raise the funds to fight this in court by donating. Anything helps, this is not a fair fight as the Council is subsidising the airport with millions of ratepayer dollars.

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